Wimpy Menu Prices UK 2022💞

Wimpy Menu Prices UK 2022👉 Are you bored of similar American hamburgers? If so, then take a look at an authentic British Burger at a “Wimpy” restaurant. 

Wimpy is a well-known British restaurant chain that offers fast-food eateries. It’s not just about burgers, but it provides other delicious food items at reasonable prices also. 

Therefore, I’ll share the menu prices along with the essential details about Wimpy in this post.

Wimpy Menu Prices UK

Wimpy is known for its classic burgers such as hot and spicy bacon burgers, smoked BBQ hamburgers, fishy burgers, and many more. 

The menu at Wimpy offers chilled drinks like shakes with chocolate, Ice tea, cold drinks, and more. 

You can also enjoy desserts and sweets like chocolate brownies, brown derby as well as other sweets like chocolate brownies, brown derby, and so on. Explore any food item offered by Wimpy for a reasonable cost that ranges from PS1 up to PS10.

This is just a sample of the menu Wimpy offers. The complete menu, together with prices that are affordable, are listed below in the tables. 

For more information on this and other Wimpy restaurants, simply click the links below while scrolling down. 

Those who are interested in becoming the owner of the Wimpy franchise should read this article. In the beginning, I’ll provide you with a glimpse into the background of Wimpy.

Edward Gold found Wimpy in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1934 under the name “Wimpy Grills”. The name was derived from “Wimpy” from the Popeye cartoons. Wimpy Grills operated 25 restaurants in the US prior to the demise of Edward Gold. 

In 2007 the South African company “Famous Brands Limited” acquired the British-based Wimpy. Today, the multinational fast-food chain has more than 1500 locations across the world.

💞Wimpy Menu Prices UK 2022💞

The reason I like to grab food from Wimpy when I am rushing to work is that it’s served quickly in this eatery. 

However, I don’t need to be concerned about my health and nutrition whenever I dine at Wimpy. I guarantee it! Food remains fresh, nutritious, and simply delicious.

Have you ever tried all-day meals at Wimpy? I’m sure you’ll frequent it often after you’ve tried it. It has a wide selection of meals and combinations for breakfast and all-day meals. 

I can assure you that everything that you see on the menu is cooked well and served. 

Wimpy serves delicious sweets and desserts, which are available including sundaes Eskimo waffles and pancakes, waffles Ice cream, among others.

Try Wimpy’s muffins, such as sausage and egg muffins Hash brown muffins, the muffin double-up deal. There are a variety of drinks like cold drinks warm drinks, rich shakes as well as sparkling beverages. 

After a meal at lunch Try delicious sundaes such as Refresh’d ice tea from Wimpy to boost your mood.

Have your children go to a meal with the family in the Wimpy restaurant. Let them enjoy the thrilling Kids’ meals and drinks with chilled drinks at Wimpy. 

The ambiance of Wimpy is very elegant and cozy. If you’re Vegan, Wimpy has a special vegan burger as well as other vegan options for you.

There are more details on the menu’s prices in the tables below. Read on to find additional details about Wimpy restaurants. 

You can access their social media pages and other websites by clicking on the links below.

Anytime Meals

Single Burgers & Big Fillers

Burgers & Fillers Without Chips With Chips
Wimpy Kingsize £7.90 £10.35
The Original Halfpounder £7.90 £10.35
Half Pounder Bacon & Cheese £9.10 £11.55
Double Wimpy Cheeseburger £6.00   £8.45
Mega Burger £7.45 £9.90
Quarterpounder Club £8.50 £10.95 
Vegan Burger £6.95 £8.95
Hot & Spicy Bacon Burger £6.25 £8.70 
Hot & Spicy Bacon Gourmet Chicken £6.95 £9.40 
The Original Quarterpounder Cheese £4.90 £7.35
Spicy Southern-Fries Quorn £5.45 £7.90
Wimpy Cheeseburger £3.75 £6.20
Wimpy Spicy Bean Burger £5.00 £7.45
Smoky BBQ Burger £6.85 £9.30
Gourmet Chicken Burger £6.95 £9.40
Quarterpounder Bacon & Cheese £6.10 £8.55
Wimpy Hamburger £3.25 £5.70
Fish Finger Burger £4.30 £6.75
Bender In A Bun With Cheese £4.10 £6.55
Breaded Chicken Fillet £5.35 £7.80

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Famous Grills

Wimpy Grill £7.85
International Grill £10.15
Sausage, Egg & Chips £5.70
All-Day Breakfast (pork bender, 2 slices of bacon,
a free-range fried egg, Heinz baked beans,
chips & half a griddled tomato)
Fish Plate (Cod & Chips) £8.25


Gourmet Chicken Platter £9.20
Chicken Strips & Chips £7.40


3 Cheese Rings £3.30
6 x Mozzarella Melts £3.40
Large Wimpy Chips £3.35
3  Chicken Strips £3.20
Chips Upgrade £1.00
Hashbrown £1.30
Wimpy Tomato Ketchup £2.25
Regular Sweet Potato Chips £3.40
Wimpy Special Sauce £3.25
8 x Onion Rings £2.90
Bacon Slice £1.30
Regular Wimpy Chips £2.45
Sausage Party £1.30
Pork Bender £2.75
Quarterpounder Patty £2.95
Free-Range Fried egg £1.30
Mushrooms £1.30
Breakfast Sausage £1.30
Heinz Baked Beans £1.30
Cheese Slice £0.55


Cold Drinks

Refresh £2.80
Lipton Ice Tea £2.80
Ballygowan Mineral Water £1.75

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Thick Shakes

Vanilla £3.65
Strawberry £3.65
Banana £3.65
Chocolate £3.65

Sparkling Drinks

Pepsi Max £2.55
7 Up Free £2.55
Pepsi Diet £2.55
Tango Orange Free £2.55
Pepsi £ 2.80

Hot Drinks

Cappuccino £2.65
Mocha £2.75
Herbal Tea £2.00
Caffe Latte £2.65
Hot Chocolate £2.85
Extra Shot Of Coffee £0.50
Americano £2.50
Pot Of Tea For One £2.00


Chocolate Flake £0.50
Mini Marshmallows £0.50
Cream £0.50


Breakfast Plates

Country £4.35
The Great Wimpy £6.45
Eggs & Bacon Pancake Stack £3.25
All-Day Breakfast £7.30
Eggs & Toast £3.50


Sausage & Egg Muffin £2.65
Bacon & Egg Muffin £2.65
Hashbrown Muffin £2.65
Bacon & Hashbrown Muffin £3.25
Sausage & Hashbrown Muffin £3.25
Muffin Double-Up Deal £3.75


Regular Wimpy Chips £2.45
Breakfast Sausage £1.30
Heinz Baked Beans £1.30
Large Wimpy Chips £3.35
Quarter Pounder Patty £2.95
2 Slices of Toast With Jam or Marmalade £1.85
Free Range Fried Egg £1.30
Mushrooms £1.30
Sausage Patty £1.30
Wimpy Special Sauce £3.25
Slice of Bacon £1.30
Pork Blender £2.75
Hashbrown £1.30
Chips Upgrade £1.00
Wimpy Tomato Ketchup £2.25

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Brownie Sundae £3.40
Chocmallow Whirl Ice Cream £2.95
Ice Cream Sundae £3.40
Toffee Fudge Whirl Ice Cream £2.95
Mallowberry Whirl Ice Cream £2.95

Sweet Treats

Brown Derby £3.65
Pancakes & Ice Cream £3.65
Eskimo Waffle £3.65
Chocolate Brownie £3.65

Kids’ Meal

Combo Meal

Junior Burger & Chips A Wimpy burger, made from British beef, in a white bun, served with chips. Price includes your choice of drink. Table service customers also get a free dessert (not available for takeaway or home delivery). £4.95
Fish Bites & Chips 2 Fish Fingers served with chips. Price includes your choice of drink. Table service customers also get a free dessert (not available for takeaway or home delivery) £4.95
Chicken Strips & Chips 3 Breaded chicken strips made from the whole chicken fillet, served with chips. Price includes your choice of drink. Table service customers also get a free dessert (not available for takeaway or home delivery). £4.95
Sausages & Chips 2 Sausages served with chips. Price includes your choice of drink. Table service customers also get a free dessert (not available for takeaway or home delivery). £4.95
Junior Cheese Burger & Chips A Wimpy burger, made from British beef, & a slice of cheese in a white bun served with chips. Price includes your choice of drink. Table service customers also get a free dessert (not available for takeaway or home delivery) £4.95


Kids Sugar-free Sparkling Choose from Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi, 7Up, or Tango Orange. Included in Combo Meal price
Fruit Shoot Ask in-store for a choice of flavors. 275ml. Included in Combo Meal price.
Kids Thick Shake Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, or Banana. Included in Combo Meal price.

Introduction The Introduction Food Information Wimpy UK is dedicated to providing complete information about food that allows the customers to make an educated decision regarding their choices for meals. 

Our nutritional guides already give details about the nutritional value of our food items (per 100g or per serving) as well as an overview of the ingredients that cause allergies in the meals. 

This Ingredient and Allergen Information Guide provides further details on the composition of our meals as well as the ingredients employed in our meals, as well as the allergens present in each component.

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