Toby Carvery Menu Prices in the UK 2022💞


Toby Carvery Menu Prices in the UK 2022👉From roadside food to deluxe cuisine, you will never know what British people can offer.

But all the restaurants share the same features, i.e. Fresh and quality ingredients, fine cooking, and courteous service.

Toby Carvery Menu Prices in the uk

Besides signature British Fish & Chips, you can also taste authentic Chinese hot pot, Japanese Sushi, Italian, French, Meditteranean cuisine, etc. Food menu price has already selected out several restaurants for you.

Toby Carvery Menu Prices in the UK 2022💞

Breakfast Menu

Add Unlimited Coffee for 1.99


All you can eat Breakfast £4.49

Lunch & Dinner – Starters


Pear & Oxford Blue Cheese Tart £3.89
Pot of Pate £3.59
Toby’s Classic King Prawn Cocktail £3.49
Garlic Mushrooms £3.29
Toby’s Soup of the Day £2.89
Houmous £2.99

Lunch & Dinner – Toby Toasters


Chicken Wings £2.00
Pork and Beef Meat Balls £2.00
Mini Cumberland Pigs In Blankets £2.00
Dorset Smoked Cheddar Bites (v) £2.00
Homemade Pork Crackling £2.00

Lunch & Dinner – A Little Something Extra


Garlic Baguette £1.60
Cheesy Garlic Baguette (v) £1.99
Homemade Pork Crackling £1.00
Bowl of Roasties £1.00
Bowl of Roasties with Cheese £1.39
Honey & Mustard Chipolatas £1.50

Lunch & Dinner – Baps & Baguettes


Roast Beef and Horseradish £4.19
Roast Gammon, Lettuce and Tomato £4.19
Roast Pork, Stuffing and Apple Sauce £4.19
Roast British Turkey, Stuffing, and Cranberry Sauce £4.19
Full Feast With a selection of all four roasts £4.19
Prawns in Seafood Sauce £4.19
Cheddar with a fruity Apricot and Bramley Apple Chutney £4.19

Lunch & Dinner – Vegetarian Alternatives


Butternut Squash Crumble (v) £6.49
Lentil Cottage Pie £6.49
Broccoli & Brie Parcel £6.49
Meat Free Carvery £6.49
Spiced Carrot & Chickpea Wellington ( £6.49

Lunch & Dinner – Carvery


Famous Four Roast Carvery £6.49
Friday Baked Salmon Fillet £7.99
Cherry Valley Half Roasted Duck £8.99
New Zealand Lamb £8.99
Toby House Salad £4.99
Toby Ploughmans with House Salad £6.99
Toby Allotment Pie with House Salad £7.99
Bangers & Mash £4.79
Quorn Bangers & Mash (v) £4.79
Toby House Salad w/ Salmon £7.99
Toby House Salad w/ Chicken Breast £6.49

Toby Carvery Menu Sundaes


Strawberry Shortbread Sundae £4.19
Lemon Frost Sundae £3.89
Munchies Sundae £4.09
Honeycomb Dream Sundae £3.89
Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sensation £3.89
Dairy Ice Cream £2.99
Lemon Frost Sharer Sundae £5.99
Munchies Sharer Sundae £5.99

Toby’s Famous Crumbles


Toby Apple Crumble with a little cinnamon


Baked Apple, Mango, and Passion Fruit Crumble


Toby Carvery Menu Puddings


Chocolate & Cherry Torte


Classic Strawberry Mess


Chocolate & Oreo Mess


Strawberries & Cream


Strawberries & Ice Cream


Baked Vanilla Cheesecake


Belgian Chocolate Brownie


Treacle Sponge


Profiteroles with Belgian Chocolate Sauce


A Very Gooey Chocolate Fudge Cake


Homemade Waffles with Strawberry


Homemade Waffles with Banana


Creme Brulee


Mini Creme Brulee


Children’s Menu – Super Starters

Heinz Tomato Soup


Mini King Prawn Cocktail


Veggie Sticks & Cheesy BBQ Dip


Children’s Menu – Carvery


Children’s Carvery


Children’s Menu – Tasty Alternatives


Meat-Free Carvery


Roast Chicken Breast and Giant Yorkshire Pud


Sausages and Giant Yorkshire Pud


Tomato Pasta and Veggie Sticks


Shepherd’s Pie


Children’s Menu – Puddings


Mini Apple Crumble


Dairy Ice Cream


Claudi & Fin Greek-Style Lolly


Make your own Sundae


Passion Fruit Crumble


Bananas & Custard


Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae


Fruity Pot Jelly


For more than 35 years, The Home of the Roast has been cutting delicious slices of roast meat and the best seasonal veg to share with your loved ones.

We’ve also got our personal Toby Tasters and sharing options, such as the Taster Platter as well as our Glazed Pigs with Blankets and Sharer.

If that weren’t enough, we have an amazing selection of desserts, an amazing breakfast buffet, and lunch choices that will keep you full throughout the day!

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