Smithfield Pies Menu Prices UK 2022

Smithfield Pies Menu Prices UK 2022: Are you unable to find the Price List for Smithfield Pies? It’s not a surprise! 

Similar to other food brands Smithfield Pies also does not make available the Smithfield Pies Menu List UK on its official website however, it does publish Smithfield Pies Menu UK though. 

But, you can read through the entire article that is about the menu of Smithfield Pies and prices within the UK.

Keep in mind that you should note, the Smithfield Pies Menu Price List can be slightly different based on the area in the UK. You can still visit the official website to ensure you.

Smithfield Pies Menu Prices UK

It’s simple to get from the confusion of which product to buy and if it can fit into the pockets or otherwise. This article will prove to be an asset to you.

If you’re well-prepared you will find it simple to make an order. You can even take your food to the table without having any foot on the ground. Simply look up with the Smithfield Pies Menu Offers and make an order sitting on a stool under the roof.

In this article, I’ve attempted to provide all possible information regarding Smithfield Pies UK Menu and Smithfield Pies UK Menu, and Smithfield Pies Cost. 

So just follow each step and you will be able to satisfy your hungry stomach according to your budget and preferences.

Smithfield Pies Menu Prices UK 2022

Smithfield Pies Menu Sides

Mashed Potato £2.50
Mushy Minted Peas

Smithfield Pies Menu Meals

Pie, Gravy, 2 Sides, and Beer £15.00
Pie, Gravy, and 2 Sides (Meals) £11.00
Pie, Gravy, and Side

Smithfield Pies Menu Pies

Curried Vegetable and Chickpea
Chicken, Ham Hock, and Leek
Lamb Shoulder and Mint
Beef Shin and Ale

Smithfield Pies Menu Beverages

Borsao Grange Red
Beavertown Neck Oil
Camden Hells
Diet Coke


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