Shakeaway Menu Prices UK 2022

Shakeaway Menu Prices UK 2022: What could be more enjoyable than sipping your favorite milkshake after taking an afternoon off from your work? 

Shakeaway is, in actual the largest milkshake bar business that began in 1999. 

The company now has stores across the globe and considers it as the “original reinventor of milkshake.”

Shakeaway Menu Prices UK

The motto of the bar firm has been “live forever and never have the same milkshake twice.

” In actual fact, they’re living up to their motto by offering hundreds of milkshake flavors and millions of variations. Don’t worry about the quality. Every milkshake is made with fresh ingredients.

A Shakeaway special menu is also given on this page so that you face no difficulty finding the prices of your favorite shake.

Shakeaway has something for everyone. Order your milkshake, smoothies, hot shakes, glutton-free shakes, or protein powder shakes.

Are you a vegan? No problem! They have a variety of choices for products suitable for vegans.

So, take a look at the menu and prices that are given below. Place the order and enjoy your milkshake.

Shakeaway Menu Prices UK 2022

Shakeaway’s amazing menus & prices 2020


Size Matters
regular with one flavor £2.99
large with one flavor £3.99
Extra flavors £0.99 each

extra ice cream makes it really thick

for £0.59
tops and bottoms from £0.59

Smoothies re-invented

Choose a free topping
Regular £3.85
large £4.85
Smoothies re-invented single flavors
Regular with one flavor £3.05
Large with one flavor £4.05

Hot stuff winter menu

Regular £3.75
large £4.75

Shakeaway Menu HOT MENU

Nice Cuppa Tea
Regular £0.99
large £1.25
Pretty Teas
Regular £0.99
large £1.25
Shakeaway Menu Coffee
Regular £1.50
large £1.70

Shakeaway Menu Cappuccino

Regular £1.60
large £1.89

Shakeaway Menu Latte

Regular £1.40
large £1.60

Shakeaway Menu Espresso

Regular £1.15
large £1.35

Shakeaway Menu Hot Chocolate

Regular £1.65
large £1.95

Shakeaway Menu White Hot Chocolate

Regular £1.85
large £1.95
Nutella Hot Chocolate
Regular £1.95
large £2.55
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
Regular £1.95
large £2.45
Choco Mocha
Regular £1.95
large £1.95
White Hot Choca Mocha
Regular £1.95
large £1.95
Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate
Regular £1.95
large £1.95
Spiced Chai Latte
Regular £1.85
large £1.95
Regular £1.95
large £1.95
Hot Chocolatey Horlicks
Regular £1.95
large £2.45
Regular £1.95
large £1.95
Hot Chocolatey Ovaltine
Regular £1.95
large £2.45
Maltesers, Marshmallows, nuts, whipped cream, and more from
Add an extra espresso shot to any hot drink for £0.50

The brand launched eight shake flavors in stores.

The options can be super healthy, made with 100% fat-free frozen yogurt and real fruit, or super naughty. 

If you’re looking for an established franchise in the food and beverage business in the UK and Ireland, then Shakeaway is a perfect choice. 

Who doesn’t like milkshakes? From toddlers to the more seasoned ones, everyone has had a taste of their own milkshakes. 

Shakeaway is an innovator in this kind of business. Additionally, Shakeaway is a UK-based business with enough knowledge regarding the regional market. 

It has been in the business for nearly two decades and is now expanding its business across the globe. Therefore, there’s never any better time to be a franchisee of Shakeaway.

Shakeaway is the longest-running and largest milkshake company around the globe. Shakeaway is considered to be the pioneer of the Milkshake and has been in existence since 1999. 

It began with a few basic flavors and has since expanded to more than 180 flavors. The number of combinations is available to try is greater than 1 million. 

They mix all your most loved chocolates, sweets, and ice cream with cream or milk while allowing customers to place orders at the point of need using real, fresh ingredients. 

If it comes to options there’s no limit to it. They have Ferrero Rocher, Daim bars, as well as fresh fruit like banana and passionfruit. 

Luxury shakes like salted caramels are never fun in the form of.

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