Pret a Manger Menu Prices UK 2022

Pret a Manger Menu UK 2022: Sandwiches are beautiful! Sandwiches can be made by anyone with two slices of bread, fresh or cooked vegetables, meats such as steaks and fowls, and toppings like mustard, mayo, ketchup, and mustard. 

Everyone has a favorite sandwich, no matter if it’s a grilled cheese sandwich or a sandwich made with exotic ingredients.

Pret a Manger Menu Prices UK

Not everyone can create delicious sandwiches that people love to eat again and again. Pret A Manger is a sandwich-centric chain that offers delicious sandwiches for both children and adults. 

It continues to be a strong competitor despite the introduction of new competitors. This is due to its excellent selection of sandwiches and baguettes that appeal to both foodies and gourmands.

Pret a Manger UK Menu Prices 


Barista Specials

Cortado £1.95
Golden Turmeric £2.70
Hot Chocolate £2.40
Coconut Cortado £2.30
Coconut Flat White £2.70
Coconut Latte £2.70
Add a Shot (Vanilla, Caramel, or Hazelnut) £0.40

Other Beverages

Miso Soup £1.50
Organic Milk £0.99

Organic Coffee

Latte £2.35
Cappuccino £2.35
Americano £1.95
Flat White £2.35
Espresso £1.55
Macchiato £1.55
Mocha £2.35
Filter Coffee £0.99
Make it Strong £0.40

Organic Teas

English Breakfast £1.80
Earl Grey £1.80
Herbal Infusions £1.80
Chai Latte £2.40

Hot Fruit Infusion

Lemon & Ginger £2.25

Pret’s Frappes

Classic Frappe £2.95
Chocolate Frappe £2.95
Add a Shot (Vanilla, Caramel, or Hazelnut) £0.40

Real Fruit Smoothies

Berry Blast £2.95
Mango & Passion Fruit £2.95
Strawberry & Banana £2.95


Starting Prices

Sandwiches £2.95
Baguettes £2.95
Salads £3.95
Wraps £3.75
Flat Bread £3.75
Soups £3.55

Pret a Manger Menu Prices Histories

Jeffrey Hyman, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, founded Pret A Manger in October 1983. The first Pret A Manger shop was opened in London in 1984. 

Pret-a-porter, which is French for ready-to-eat, was the name of the company. The first location had its own kitchen and provided ready-to-eat foods such as Croquemonsieur and filled baguettes.

David Rubin, the liquidator of the company, sold it to Sinclair Beecham and Julian Metcalfe. In July 1986, the new owners opened their Pret A Manger store in London’s Victoria Street.

Bridgepoint Capital now owns 33% of the business, while Beecham and Metcalfe still own significant shares. A rebranding program changed the Pret A Manger brand from Pret to Pret.

Franchising is not possible for the Pret brand.

Their Famous Moments

Pret management insists on fresh, organic ingredients being used in sandwiches, baguettes, and wraps. They are also made daily (i.e. on the day that customers purchase them). 

This policy is applied to most locations, i.e. fully-equipped kitchens, with the exception of small outlets that deliver their products. 

A policy was also implemented by the company that allows food leftovers to be collected by charitable organizations at the end of each working day.

Why Eat Here?

✔Although Pret A Manger’s prices are more expensive than other fast-food restaurants, like Subway, the chain is still popular with urbanites and young professionals. 

It’s worth visiting because of the extra touches such as employees giving out menus as customers enter the shop, and the use of paper placemats, plastic knives, forks, and candles on the tables. 

Although sandwich shops don’t have Michelin-rated cuisines, they are part of the charm.

The sandwich chain, which is privately owned, continues to emphasize its commitment to avoiding the use of hidden additives, preservatives, or chemicals common in “prepared food” in its products. 

Pret shops are a healthier option than fast-food restaurants, according to many customers.

The Pret chain’s popularity is due to its convenience, despite the existence of fast-food restaurants around it. Pret shops stand out from the rest by having large grab-and-go cases with sandwiches and salads in a chilled environment. 

These boxes are wrapped in attractive packaging and placed inside refrigerators. Customers can then pick them up and pay for them.

Pre-made foods are great for those who need something quick and easy to grab during their lunch breaks and coffee breaks. 

The New York shops can be found near Midtown and the Financial District, where you will find many commercial offices.

Baguettes should be consumed as soon as they are made. The bread loses its flavor if it is left in the fridge. This leads to the baguette becoming less crispy on the outside and harder on the inside. 

There are many filling options so that boredom is not an issue. The meats and vegetables are tender, crispy, and delicious, and the toppings are almost perfect.

These sandwiches taste just as good as baguettes, but they are more delicious than their white bread counterparts. 

The Smoked Ham and Egg is a delicious combination of rich egg and salty bacon; the Smoked Ham and Parmesan have moist ham, tangy mayo, and parmesan shavings; and Chicken Avocado and Balsamic have tender white meat and buttery Avocado.

Wraps, toasties, and salads are also well-known for their organic, fresh, and colorful ingredients such as Murray’s chicken breast, crispy mixed greens, and butternut pumpkin puree.

Bottom line: Pret’s products can be quickly accessed, taste great, and are significantly healthier than fast-food options. Even during peak hours, the service is quick, efficient, and friendly.

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