Pizza Express Menu Prices UK 2022

Pizza Express Menu Prices: Are you here to discover information about Pizza Express Menu Prices UK? The fact is, Pizza Express was founded in the year 1965. 

In time, it grew and today employs around 14000 employees currently. There are around 150 stores in the United Kingdom.

Pizza Express Menu Prices UK

Jinlong Wang is the current CEO of Pizza Express. Since its inception, Pizza express has been providing exceptional food and service to its customers. They provide excellent food and have qualified staff. What else could one ask for?

Pizza Express serves the best food to their customers. They offer pizzas, salads desserts, desserts, and even Al Forno. 

What is it you’re doing Look over the menu prices below and place an order for what you’d like? Prices may differ in different locations. 

Therefore, if you spot prices that do not coincide with the list of prices please contact us.

Pizza Express Menu Prices UK 2022

Pizza express Starters


Dough Balls Pizza Express £4.65
Bruchetta Originale Pizza Express £6.5
(New) Baked Garlic Mushroom £7.25
Lemon & Herb Chicken Wings £7.25
(New) King Prawns with Spicy Nduja £7.25
Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato Salad £7.25
Calamari £7.25
Rosemary & Garlic Flatbread with Houmous £5.70

Pizza Express Salads


Nicoise £13.45
Pollo £13.45
Grand Chicken Caesar £13.45
Leggera Superfood Salad £13.45

Pizza Express Al Forno


Leggera Peperonata £12.95
(New) Risotto con Funghi £13.25
Bolognese £13.45
Pollo Pesto £13.45
Lasagna Classics £13.25
Cannelloni £13.25

Pizza Express Classic Pizzas


Barbacoa £14
American £11.95
American Hot £13
Margherita £9.95
La Reine £12.70
(New) Carbonara £13.80
Funghi di Bosco £14
Fiorentina £11.75
Vegan Giardiniera £12.40
Veneziana £10.95
Padana £13.55
Pollo ad Astra £13.55
Diavolo £13.80

Pizza Express Desserts


Tiramisu £7.25
(New) Chocolate Fondant £7.25
Honeycomb Cream Slice £7.25
Chocolate Fudge Cake £6.25
Sorbet £4.45

Pizza Express Menu Prices UK 2022


Peter Boizot opened the first Pizza Express in Wardour Street, London in 1965. Boizot found the inspiration to create his own restaurants during his travels in Italy. 

As he returned from his most recent travels and thought about the fact that London’s Italian imitation pizza couldn’t be compared with the authentic ones he experienced in Italy. 

When he made the decision to establish his own company and open a restaurant, he sourced Italian pizza ovens made in Naples and brought the services of a cook from Sicily to make sure that his Italian menu. 

Now, with over 50 years of experience in the business of food, Pizza Express is still dedicated to providing its customers with delicious authentic Italian food at their famous restaurant and served by those who are passionate about their work.

Why Eat at Pizza Express?

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian restaurant serving deliciously fresh, freshly-made pizzas as well as other Italian food Then Pizza Express might be what you’re looking for. 

The wide variety of classic and Romana pizzas, along with their elegant yet fun restaurants and experienced servers will ensure that your dining experience is enjoyable. 

Pizza Express prices are affordable and affordable and that’s an added benefit to their complete menu of dining options.

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