MOD Pizza Menu Prices UK 2022

MOD Pizza Menu Prices UK 2022: MOD Pizza menu prices are right at your fingertips. MOD Pizza is an experimental venture that came about because of a couple’s passion for pizza and the basic pleasures.

MOD Pizza offers a unique dining experience for customers by letting them design their own pizza recipes according to what they would like to eat.

MOD Pizza Menu Prices UK

The best part is that since the owners wish to maintain it as an establishment that is family-oriented they didn’t require any additional cost in order to realize the dreams of all pizza lovers in the nation.

MOD Pizza Menu Prices UK 2022

Food Price

Build Your Own Pizza

Mini Mod 6″ $4.87
Mod Pizza 11″ $7.87
Mega Mod Double 11″ Crusts $10.87
Mod Pizza Salad $9.87

MOD Pizza Menu Build Your Own Salad

Mini Salad $4.87
Mod Salad $7.87
Mega Salad $10.87
Mod Pizza Salad $9.87

MOD Pizza Specialty Pizzas and Salads 

Maddy (Small) $4.87
Maddy (Medium) $6.37
Maddy (Large) $10.87
Mad Dog (Small) $4.87
Mad Dog (Medium) $7.87
Mad Dog (Large) $10.87
Tristan (Small) $4.87
Tristan (Medium) $7.87
Tristan (Large) $10.87
Dominic (Small) $4.87
Dominic (Medium) $7.87
Dominic (Large) $10.87
Lucy Sunshine (Small) $4.87
Lucy Sunshine (Medium) $7.87
Lucy Sunshine (Large) $10.87
Jasper (Small) $4.87
Jasper (Medium) $7.87
Jasper (Large) $10.87
Dillon James (Small) $4.87
Dillon James (Medium) $7.87
Dillon James (Large) $10.87
Calexico (Small) $4.87
Calexico (Medium) $7.87
Calexico (Large) $10.87
Caspian (Small) $4.87
Caspian (Medium) $7.87
Caspian (Large) $10.87
Caesar Salad $7.87
Deluxe Salad $7.87

Other Stuff

Garlic Strips $2.97
Cinnamon Strips $2.97

MOD Pizza Milkshakes

Chocolate Milkshake $3.57
Strawberry Milkshake $3.57
Vanilla Milkshake $3.57
Float $2.57

MOD Pizza Drinks

Fountain Drink $1.97
Boylan’s $2.77
San Pellegrino $2.77
Pellegrino $2.47
Fanta Bottle $2.77
Coke Bottle $2.77
Milk $1.47
Chocolate Milk $1.47
Water $1.47

More information about MOD Pizza 2022

History of MOD Pizza

In the fall of 2008, in Seattle, MOD Pizza hoped to encourage people to forget their troubles for a few minutes particularly in the midst of the economic crisis that MOD Pizza first was opened. 

With their courage, a special group of individuals was formed, which is called”the “MOD Squad,” making MOD Pizza MOD Pizza a place of refuge for the majority of its patrons. 

Today, there are more than 200 MOD Pizza locations across the US and the UK. The prices on their menu aren’t much more than $11.00 which is a delicious delight that has made customers love MOD Pizza even more.

When choosing the “MOD Squad,” the owners concentrate on the personality of their customers and commitment to service with a smile. This makes the service friendly and excellent. 

The food is fresh and hot out of the oven, cooked with the finest ingredients, and finished with love and kindness. 

In these difficult times, the continued existence and development of this pizza joint is a place with a heart greater than what their customers bargain for, particularly when they remain able to offer them simple pleasures to make the most of difficult moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the times of operation at MOD Pizza?

The most common hours of operation for MOD Pizza location are:

Sunday – Thursday: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm

Friday – Saturday: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

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