Leon Menu Price UK 2022

Leon Menu Price UK👉 “Eat as much fast food as you want to stay healthy.” This may sound like a joke, don’t you think? 

If you’ve ever been to Leon restaurant, you’d have believed that. Leon restaurant has completely redesigned its food preparation methods and strategies for sourcing. 

It is also it is now introducing fast food into healthier lifestyles. That’s the reason the fast-food chain is expanding in the name of “Fast”. 

Read the complete article to find out about the menu and costs.

Leon Menu Price UK 2021

There are a wide variety of breakfast dishes such as natural porridges, poached eggs pots, sourdough bread muffins, and more on the menu of Leon’s. 

The restaurant serves refreshing drinks and smoothies, such as lemonade made by Leon mango-coconut juice, for example. 

There are a variety of options for baked fries, sides hamburgers, burgers, as well as triple-certified coffee. All of these items are available at Leon for less than the price of PS7.

The Leon restaurant isn’t content with fast food. you can also purchase Leon’s food items like the ketchup sauce, Leon can, GFC, Leon burger sauce, and many more at an affordable price. 

If you want a full menu and prices, look through the tables below for prices on menus. 

I’ve also provided other useful links. First, I’ll provide an overview of the process by which Leon has grown into a well-known fast-food chain.

Leon was established in 2004 by John Vincent, Henry Dimbleby as well as a chef Allegra McEvedy. The first restaurant opened on Carnaby Street in 2004. 

Within six weeks, during the monthly food observer awards, 👉Leon was named “The Best Fast Food Restaurant in Great Britain”. 

Since the time, Leon has been growing quickly and currently has at least 61 locations in operation.

Leon Menu Price UK 2022

Organic Porridge Price
Peach & Raspberry Summer Porridge £ 3.25
Banana & Cinnamon £ 2.95
The Ruby Red Porridge £ 3.25
Poached Egg Pots Price
Full English £ 3.95
Saucy Baked Beans £ 1.95
Halloumi & Mushroom £ 3.75
Shakshuka £ 2.95
Sourdough Muffins Price
Vegan Sausage Muffin £ 3.65
Avocado & Halloumi £ 3.95
Sausage & Egg £ 3.95
Bacon & Egg £ 3.95
Bigger Breakfast Price
Breakfast Stack £ 4.50
Halloumi Breakfast Box £ 4.65
Breakfast Box £ 4.95
Hash Browns £ 1.45
Sourdough Toast £ 1.00
Meal Deal (Any muffin & a regular coffee) £ 4.50
Organic Coffee Regular Large
Latte £ 2.85 £ 3.10
Flat White £ 2.85
Iced Latte £ 2.85
Filter £ 1.50 £ 1.80
Americano £ 2.40 £ 2.70
Mocha £ 2.95 £ 3.25
Iced Americano £ 2.40
Hot Chocolate £ 2.95 £ 3.25
Cappuccino £ 2.85 £ 3.10
Teas & Infusions £ 2.00 £ 2.20

All Day Meal

Hot Boxes Price
Satay Chicken £ 5.95
Aioli Chicken £ 5.95
Brazilian Black Bean £ 3.95
Sri Lankan Sweet Potato, Coconut & Pineapple Curry £ 4.95
Roasted Veg+ Paprika Chicken £ 6.95
Roasted Veg+ Grilled Aubergine £ 5.95
Sides Price
Aioli Mac & Cheese Bites £ 3.45
Sweetcorn Ribs with Truffle & Cheese £ 2.95
Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets £ 4.75
Summer Slaw £ 1.60
Chargrilled Chicken Mezze £ 3.45
Baked Fries Price
LEON Baked Fries £ 2.60 (Reg) £ 3.00 (Large)
Vegan Cheezy Loaded Fries £ 3.95
Burger Price
Better Than Mex Burger £ 6.45
Crispy Chicken Korean Burger £ 6.95
Chargrilled Chicken Burger £ 5.95
LOVe Burger £ 9.95
Grilled Wraps Price
Grilled Halloumi Wrap £ 4.95
The Fish Finger Wrap £ 5.45
Drinks & Smoothies Price
Clean Green Shake £ 3.50
LEON-Made Lemonade £ 2.00
White Tea & Peach Juicy Water £ 2.00
Mango & Coconut Smoothie £ 3.50
Freshly Squeezed OJ £ 2.00
Raspberry & Acai Juicy Water £ 2.00
Berry Acai Smoothie £ 3.50
Ginger Kombucha £ 2.95
Meal Deal (Add regular baked fries & a drink) £ 3.25

Leon Kids’ Menu 2022

Breakfast Price
Banana & Chocolate Porridge Organic porridge oats with slices of fresh banana and a sprinkle of chocolate £1.50
Egg & Beans Pot A free-range poached egg with our baked beans £1.95
Lunch Price
Chargrilled Chicken Rice Box British chicken with brown rice, peas & baby plum tomatoes £3.75
Gluten-free Chicken Nuggets & Fries Our gluten-free chicken nuggets, made with 100% British chicken thigh. Served with LEON baked fries, peas & baby plum tomatoes. £3.75
Halloumi Fingers & Rice Fingers of grilled halloumi from Cyprus on a bed of brown rice. Served with tomato, fresh garden peas, and a pot of ketchup. £3.75

Leon Larder

Other Products Prices
LEON Dark Roast Ground Box £ 12.95
LEON Blonde Roast Ground Box £ 12.95
LOVe Burger Sauce £ 2.50
The Original Mayo £ 2.50
Waffle Fries £ 2.00
GFC £4.00
Garlic and Herb Cheeze & Herb Bites £ 3.00
Margherita Mac ‘N’ Cheese Bites £ 3.00
Pomegranate and Harissa Chicken Thighs £ 2.70
Coconut and Kaffir Lime Chicken Thighs £ 2.70
LEON Tomango Ketchup £ 2.50
LEON Beetroot Ketchup £ 2.50
Muhammara (Dip) £ 2.00
Hummus (Dip) £ 2.00
Balsamic Vinegar £ 9.00
Picual Olive Oil £ 6.25

The toughest part of leading an active and healthy lifestyle is to avoid fast food. If you too are unable to avoid eating fast foods, Leon will be a pleasant place to be. 

Enjoy some incredible food options like burgers muffins and wraps. The menu is carefully selected items and is 100% organic.

With talented chefs to make the menu more interesting, Leon has made it’s fast-food healthy and enjoyable. 

Therefore, “Eat well and live well” without having to sacrifice the enjoyment and taste of fast foods. 

Take a sip of Leon’s organic triple-certified coffee to increase your energy levels and feel more energized throughout the day.

Have you tried Leon’s signature drink the LEON-Made lemonade? If not, you must test this chilled drink to refresh your body. You’ll also enjoy other smoothies and drinks offered at Leon restaurant.

The most impressive thing in Leon restaurant is the elegant atmosphere, cozy ambiance, and welcoming staff. 

It is possible to take your children there to enjoy a meal at the Leon restaurant to enjoy the meal as a family. Leon serves a range of tasty food items for children, such as egg and beans pot, chicken chargrilled rice box, and more.

Check out the menu below and the prices. The nutrition and allergen information in the fact sheet for foodies is further discussed on this page. 

You can order your favorite food online at Leon restaurant. The link below, and also other useful hyperlinks.

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