KFC Menu Prices UK 2022💞

KFC Menu Prices UK👉 Have a hard time finding the KFC menu prices? Just like most of the other fast-food restaurants the KFC price list isn’t published on the Internet.

The KFC menu and prices are only available at the restaurant. The franchise neglects to publish its KFC menu prices.

We have collected the prices for you and summarized all KFC menu items below.

So if you are looking for the menu in general and the KFC UK prices in particular the below-presented chart lists all menu items including prices for the UK.

kfc uk menu prices 2021

One final remark: please be aware that KFC is a franchise and prices may differ across the UK. We’ve updated the menu prices for the restaurant for 2022.

💞KFC Menu Prices UK 2022💞

CLASSIC MEALS (includes Drink and Fries) – go LARGE 50p



Fillet £5.39
Zinger £5.39
Fillet Tower £5.99
Zinger Tower £5.99
 Zinger Stacker £6.89

 Box meals

 Fillet £6.69 
 Zinger £6.69 
 Fillet Tower £7.19 
 Zinger Tower £7.19 
Toasted Twister
Original Recipe £4.49
Original Recipe
3 Pieces £4.99
2 pieces £3.99
2 Pieces, 2 Hot Wings & Mini Breast Fillet £4.99
Popcorn Chicken:
Small £1.99
Regular £3.19
BBQ Rancher:
Burger £4.49
Twister £4.59
Salad £4.99
Cajun Boxmaster: £4.99
Boneless Dips Meal:
3 Mini Fillets £4.99
4 Mini Fillets £5.99
and your choice of 2 dips:
Tomato Ketchup 2Hot4U Classic Mayo Spicy Mayo
Sweet Chilli Kentucky BBQ
Kids Choice (Choose one from each step): £2.99
1-Small popcorn chicken
1-Mini Fillet & Dip
1-Kids Burger
2-Corn Cobette
2-Baked Beans
3-Fruit Shoot
3-Soft Drink
4-Innocent Fruit Tube
4-Munch Bunch Yoghurt
DELI DELUXE (includes Drink and Fries) – go LARGE 50p
BBQ Rancher Burger: £4.99
Cajun Boxmaster: £4.99
Toasted Twister:
BBQ Rancher £4.69
Original Recipe £4.69
BBQ Rancher £4.99
Original Recipe £4.99
Zinger £4.99


Bargain Bucket (All include 4 Fries):
6 Pieces £12.99
10 Pieces £15.99
14 Pieces £18.99
Wicked Variety Bucket (All include: 8 Hot Wings, 4 Mini Breast Fillets,
4 Fries, 2 Dips):
6 Pieces £15.99
10 Pieces £19.99
Family Feast (All include 4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle):
6 Pieces £14.99
10 Pieces £17.99
Ultimate Dips Box (All include 4 Fries):
12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips £12.99
16 Mini Breast Fillets, 8 Dips £15.99
Deluxe Boneless Feast (All include Large Popcorn Chicken,
4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle):
8 Mini Breast Fillets, 4 Dips £14.99
12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips £16.99
Add more:
4 Pieces or 4 Mini Breast Fillets £3.39
8 Hot Wings £3.39
KRUSH’EMS (Upgrade your drink with any meal for 99p)
Milkybar £1.99
Oreo £1.99
Strawberry Shortcake £1.99
Maltesers £1.99
Freshly Ground Coffee:
White £1.69
Black £1.69
Latte £1.89
Cappuccino £1.89
Kream Ball:
Summer Fruits Meringue £1.89
Indulgent Chocolate £1.89
Caramel Fudge £1.89
Toffee £0.99
Strawberry £0.99
Mega Box £3.99
2 Hot Wings: £0.99
Mini Fillet: £1.49
BBQ £1.59
Flamin’ £1.59
Lunch Box:
2 Mini Breast Fillets, XL Fries £2.99
Snack Box:
Small Popcorn Chicken £1.99
1 Mini Breast Fillet £1.99
2 Hot Wings £1.99
1 Piece £1.99
Chicken pieces
1 Piece £2.09
2 Pieces £3.39
3 Pieces £4.49

KFC Halal

KFC currently has 120 halal restaurants. All KFC boneless products in these communities are halal. 

Before offering KFC halal across the UK the company will run a trial period in those areas.

KFC Coupons

If you have any KFC coupons, please let us know. You can often get huge discounts when you buy 2 of the same menu items for a Pound.

Coupons are usually in the form of a bar code you can scan at a restaurant to receive your discount.

This is a great opportunity to go to your local restaurant at lunchtime.

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