Jollibee Menu Prices UK 2022💞

Jollibee Menu Prices UK 2022👉 The influence that is felt across the globe by American fast food can’t be denied, as is evident through the evidence that shows that many of the biggest restaurants worldwide are located within the fast-food industry.

Each local fast-food chain offers its own distinctive approach to American fast-food favorites, from spaghetti and burgers to French fries and Sundaes.

💞Jollibee Menu Prices UK 2022💞

Jollibee Menu Prices UK

Jollibee is a homegrown fast-food chain that is making its mark in the international fast-food marketplace because of its original Filipino version of American traditional food. 

Jollibee, which operates franchised and company-owned restaurants and is operated by Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) with its headquarters in Pasig City in the Philippines.

Below are the most recent Jollibee Menu prices.


Jollibee Menu Prices Jollibee Chickenjoy Prices 2022

10 Pieces Chickenjoy Bucket $20.89
6 Pc Chickenjoy Bucket $11.15
6 Pieces Chickenjoy Bucket $12.37
10 Pc Chickenjoy Bucket $18.74
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat A $30.54
2 Pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti $8.92
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat C $32.19
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat B $28.89
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat D $33.93
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with 1 Side $6.80
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with 2 Sides $7.90
2 Pc Chickenjoy with 2 Sides $7.44
3 Pieces Chickenjoy with 1 Side $9.27
2 Pc Chickenjoy with 1 Side $6.34
3 Pc Chickenjoy with 1 Side $8.67
3 Pieces Chickenjoy with 2 Sides $10.37
3 Pc Chickenjoy with 2 Sides $9.77
1 Piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti $7.55
1 Pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti $7.10
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti $9.49
1 Piece Chickenjoy with Palabok Fiesta $8.35
1 Pc Chickenjoy with Palabok Fiesta $7.82
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with Palabok Fiesta $10.51
2 Pc Chickenjoy with Palabok Fiesta $9.89

Jollibee Menu Chicken Sandwich Prices 2022

Classic Chicken Sandwich $4.96
Chicken Sandwich Deluxe $5.51

Jollibee Burgers Prices 2022

Big Yum Burger $6.41

Jollibee Menu Jolly Spaghetti Prices 2022

Jolly Spaghetti $4.60
Jolly Spaghetti Party Pack $34.20
Jolly Spaghetti Family Pack $14.53

Jollibee Menu Palabok Fiesta Prices 2022

Palabok Fiesta Family Pack $17.47
Palabok Fiesta Party Pack $43.78
Palabok Fiesta $5.87

Jollibee Menu Burger Steak Prices 2022

2 Pieces Burger Steak with 1 Side $6.41
2 Pieces Burger Steak with 2 Sides $7.51
2 Pc Burger Steak with 2 Sides $6.97
3 Pieces Burger Steak with 1 Side $9.30
3 Pc Burger Steak with 1 Side $7.95
3 Pieces Burger Steak with 2 Sides $10.62
3 Pc Burger Steak with 2 Sides $9.90
Burger Steak Family Pack $19.65
2 Pc Burger Steak with 1 Side $5.87

Jollibee Menu Yumburger Prices

Big Yumburger $6.38
Yumburger $2.77
Aloha Yumburger $6.72
Cheesy Yumburger $3.32

Jollibee Menu Dessert Prices 2022

Peach Mango Pie $2.33

Jollibee Menu Sides Prices 2022

French Fries $2.25
Mashed Potatoes $2.24
Buttered Corn $2.25
Steamed Rice $1.17
Adobo Rice $2.74
Side of Gravy $0.28

Jollibee Menu Soda Prices 2022

20 oz Pepsi Bottle $2.99
20 oz Diet Pepsi Bottle $2.99

Jollibee Menu Drinks Prices 2022

Pineapple Quencher $2.54
Bottled Water $1.97

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History OF Jollibee 

Tony Tan Caktiong along with his family started an ice cream store located in Cubao, Quezon City in 1975. It was followed by more branches. 

These establishments began serving hot meals and sandwiches apart of their ice-cream treats and quickly became more well-known.

In 1978, the family made the decision to stop their ice cream company and concentrate on their fast-food operation. 

Jollibee Foods Corporation, the managing company of the company, was formed the following year.

As of December 16, the chain comprises around 1,100 shops the majority of them in its home country of the Philippines. 

The remainder is located on foreign markets, similar to those in the United States.

What It’s Famous For

Jollibee is known for providing its customers with Filipino variations of the traditional American fast-food dishes. 

Fried chicken, also commonly referred to as Chickenjoy is the company’s most popular product as is its popular Yum Burger. 

Both of these items are well-known to anyone who has eaten at an American fast-food establishment, but their textures and flavors could differ.

Why Eat Here

If you’re looking for a new experience, but still want to enjoy the same fast-food staples and fast food, then a trip to Jollibee’s nearest location should be on your agenda. 

There are a variety of familiar foods on the menu like gravy-fried chicken as well as a selection of burgers, spaghetti, along with French fries, desserts, and soft drinks floating. 

It isn’t a problem to get overwhelmed by the variety of menu items as the chain seems to keep things simple so, it is easy for customers to eat at.

The food is available as a single or in combinations for fuller food. The combos include burgers, spaghetti, and fries along with drinks, and Fried chicken served of sides, French fries, and drinks. 

The combos are typically designed to be enjoyed by a person on their own also, as the portions are pretty typical in dimensions.

The Chickenjoy Fried Chickenjoy, the chain’s version of chicken is the most sought-after food item available and it’s easy to see the reason. 

The skin is thin and it’s so delicious and chewy that you’ll want to munch on it before eating the tender, succulent and delicious white meat. 

The subtle flavor It’s not so salty like other fried chickens made in America – works well together with the gravy.

Fried chicken is available in two types, namely basic and spicy. The spicy chicken is an extremely mild heat level, which means even children will enjoy them.

The spice is only sprinkled over the skin, but enough to give the right amount of heat that compliments the deliciously prepared meat. 

Like the regular fried chicken The skin is has a thin batter that gives an excellent crunch. And it’s a good thing to take a bite and lick your hands to squeeze every drop of juice.

Diners can also get the fried chicken that is served in buckets. It could be served including spaghetti, desserts, and beverages.

The hamburger is delicious as is, however, we recommend having the Champ Burger, which comes with the thickest patties, juicy tomato, and crisp lettuce. 

The spaghetti is sweet with a taste that Asians like, though some Americans don’t like the taste. Some say the sweet flavor reminds them of Purple Dot-baked spaghetti.

The French fries are crispy on the outside but soft inside. Like all quick-food French fries, the secret to enjoying Jollibee’s version Jollibee variant is to eat them while they’re still hot. 

In other words, they’ll become too spongy to be enjoyed even by those who are die-hard Jollibee lovers.

The dessert selection is at a minimum for the moment, however, it is enough to satisfy the majority of customers. 

There are sundaes to choose from and soft drink floats, tiny pies, and the most iconic Filipino cold dessert that is the halo-halo.

Jollibee restaurants are often full during meals and lunchtimes particularly on weekends, but tables generally are ready within 10-15 minutes, or shorter, of waiting. 

Customers can order food and drinks in the first place while others sit waiting to become ready.

The staff is more friendly and more accommodating than you’d imagine from a fast-food restaurant. 

The attitude that is Filipino warmth is apparent in dining establishments as well. 

Bring your friends and family and your children to the closest Jollibee restaurant and take them out to take in the delicious food!

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