Itsu Menu Prices UK 2022

Itsu Menu Prices UK 2022: Japanese food is reminiscent of dragon rolls, sushi soup, and perhaps the most important thing, Itsu. Yes! If I’m in the mood for Japanese cuisine in the UK I will always be drawn to Itsu. 

It serves delicious Asian-inspired dishes and the way food is presented is an absolute masterpiece. If you’re unaware of Itsu, take a look at this article. Find your nearest Itsu, and have a great dinner.

Itsu Menu Prices UK

Itsu serves tasty Asian-inspired dishes such as Salmon full house and sushi festival sets including a selection of vegetarian sushi Super salmon lite and numerous others. 

It also serves healthy soups and salads available, such as health and happiness, salads with no meat on Mondays. You can have great food at Itsu at around PS23.

Everything at Itsu is prepared with the highest accuracy and attention to detail. Most of their food is steam cooked and not frittered. Therefore, you don’t need to limit your calories. 

For a complete menu of costs for Itsu continue reading. The franchise’s contact details, franchise information, nutrition information, as well as many other useful links within this post. We’ll start by examining the background of Itsu.

Itsu is an inspired by Asia British brand of fast-food outlets as well as a grocery store. It was created through Julian Metcalfe, the co-founder of Pret A Manger.

The First Itsu store was inaugurated at Chelsea, London, in 1997. Its headquarters is in London and has over 70 stores in operation across the UK.

Itsu Menu Prices UK 2022


Salmon Full House £10.95
Sushi Festival £8.75
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl £7.85
Chicken & Spring Onion Gyoza £6.75

Signature Sharing Platters

Salmon’California Platter £22.95
Sushi’Dragon Platter £26.50
Big Veggie Platter (vegan) £20.95
Tuna’Salmon Platter £23.95
Sushi & Sashimi Platter £24.50
Party Platter £45.00

Medium Sushi & Miso Bundles

Sushi Festival Set £10.25
Line Caught Tuna Bento Set £9.95
Super Salmon Light Set £9.50
(Low carb) Japanese Sushi Salad Set £9.95
Itsu Salmon Poke on a bed Set £9.50
Chicken Teriyaki On a Bed Set £8.95

Large Sushi & Miso Bundles

Health & Happiness Set £12.95
Salmon Full House Set £12.95
Itsu Classic Set £12.75
Veggie Sushi Collection Set (vegan) £10.95

Asian Salad & Miso Bundles

No Meat Mondays Set £9.95
The Sesame Chicken Salad Set £9.95

Sushi & Salads

Health & Happiness £10.25
Salmon Full House £10.25
Itsu Classics £10.75
Veggie Sushi Collection (vegan) £8.25
Sushi Festival £8.75
Line Caught Tuna Bento £7.95
Super Salmon Lite £7.50
(Low carb) Japanese Sushi Salad £7.95
Itsu Salmon Pork On a Bed £7.50
Salmon Teriyaki On A Bed £6.95
Chicken Teriyaki On A Bed £6.95
No Meat Mondays Salad £8.50
The Sesame Chicken £8.50

Dragon Rolls

Spicy Tuna Dragon Roll £6.50
Salmon & Avo Dragon Rolls £6.50
Veggie Dragon Rolls £6.25

Rolls, Nigiri & Sashimi

Avo Baby Rolls (ve) £5.50
California Rolls £5.95
Salmon & Avocado Rolls £6.25
Salmon Sushi £6.25
Salmon Sashimi (df) £6.95


Klein’s Katsu Rice’Bowl £7.75
Chicken Teriyaki Rice’Bowl £7.85
Thai Chicken Rice’Bowl (GF) £7.95
Korean BBQ Chicken Rice’Bowl £7.95
Meatless Meatball Rice’Bowl £7.25

Hot Noodles

Chargrilled Chilli’chicken Noodle Bowl £7.95
Chargrilld’Chicken Noodle Bowl £7.95
Veggie’Gyoza Noodle Bowl (veg) £7.75
Thai Noodle Bowl (veg) £6.95

Steamed Gyoza & Bao

Chicken & Spring Onion Gyoza £6.75
Vegetable Fusion Gyoza £6.25
Hoisin Duck Bao Buns £6.95

Soups & Sides

Paradise’Rice (veg) £3.25
Detox Miso’Noodle Soup (veg) £4.25
Miso Soup (veg) £2.95
Edamame (veg) £2.95

Extra Sauce

Wasabi Sachet £0.10
Large Soy Bottle (veg) £0.20
Picked Ginger Sachet (veg) £0.10
Teri Sauce Sachet (veg) £0.10


Passion Kombucha (veg) £3.25
Ginger & Lemon Kombucha (veg) £3.25
Original Kombucha £3.25
Itsu Still Water £1.50
Itsu Fizzy Water £1.50
Diet Coca Cola £1.70
Coca Cola £1.80

Itsu Menu Prices 2022

Itsu serves tasty salads and sushi that are stunning and are nutritious. 

If you love sushi and salads, then you must take a look at the sushi festival, salmon complete house, the sesame chicken salad. The food dishes are fresh and served at Itsu.

For a delicious and full-bodied menu, consider the health & happiness set including Salmon sushi California fish, salmon Sashimi, chargrilled noodles, I’Thai noodle bowl, and many more. 

Itsu also offers beverages to go with your meal, such as Ginger and lemon kombucha diet coke, the original kombucha and others.

While eating your food at Itsu it is a must to not skip the soup. It’s a perfect addition to the delights in Japanese food. 

Try the miso soup and edamame and detox miso soup, and noodle soup. For those who are vegans, Itsu has a variety of items that are specially made specifically for vegans. 

Paradise rice vegetable gyoza noodle bowl, Avo baby rolls, veggie dragon rolls, and a huge vegetable platter are a few of the most popular choices.

Itsu Nutritional Information

For more information on the nutritional value of items on the menu Items at Itsu go to the menu available on their website. Click on the item you want in order to learn about its nutrition value.

Itsu Franchising Details

Itsu has around 70 stores across its stores in the UK and has experience of around twenty years working in the industry of food. 

To be a franchisee of Itsu you must make contact with their team. You can also refer to the franchise guidelines from Itsu which is on their official website.

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