Chicken Menu Prices UK 2022

Chicken Menu Prices UK 2022:  In June of this year, the chicken wings hit an all-time high of 62.10 pesos per kilogram this is an increase of over 25 percent. 

That’s right, over the course of two years, the cumulative rise has reached nearly 30 percent.

Chicken Menu Prices UK

For comparison, the annual cost of chicken breast increased 17.9 percent while the cost for legs and thighs was up 11.9 percent, according to the.

Chicken Menu Prices UK 2022


Picked For You

 Mexicano Burger £5.99
 Chicken Fillet Burger £4.99
 Mighty Memphis £7.99
 Mountain Burger £5.99
 Butterfly Burger £7.99

Awesome Burgers

Chicken Fillet Burger (Awesome Burgers) £4.99
Mountain Burger (Awesome Burgers) £5.99
 Buffalo Ranch Burger £5.99
Buffalo Ranch Burger (Awesome Burgers) £5.99
Mexicano Burger (Awesome Burgers) £5.99
 Peri Burger £5.99
 Single Stack £5.99
 Big Stack £6.99
 Gourmet Burger £6.99
Mighty Memphis (Awesome Burgers) £7.99
 Manhattan Melt £6.49
 Bandito Classic £5.99
 Bandito Deluxe £6.99
 Veggie Burger £4.99
Butterfly Burger (Awesome Burgers) £7.99

Fabulous Wraps

 Original Wrap £4.49
 Buffalo Ranch Wrap £5.99
 Peri Wrap £5.49
Peri Wrap (Fabulous Wraps) £5.49
 Gourmet Wrap £6.99
 Bandito Wrap £5.99
 Veggie Wrap £4.99

Flame Grilled Chicken

 6 Grilled Wings £5.99
1/4 Chicken £5.99
1/4 Chicken with 3 Wings £6.99
1/2 Chicken £6.99
Full Chicken £11.99
Butterfly Chicken £7.99

Healthy Salads

 Buffalo Salad £6.99
 Tex Mex Salad £6.99
 Mediterranean Salad £6.99
 Dynamite Trio £7.99
 Side salad £1.49

Kids Menu

Single Stack (Kids Menu) £5.99
Chicken Fillet Burger (Kids Menu) £4.99
Original Wrap (Kids Menu) £4.49
 Strips £3.99

Sumptuous Sides

 Fries £1.99
 Twister Fries £2.99
 Chilli Cheese Bites £1.99
 Mozzarella Dippers £1.99
Macaroni Dippers £1.99
 Onion Rings £1.99
 Spicy Wings £2.49
Strips (Sumptuous Sides) £3.99
 Mexican Rice and Side Salad £2.99
 Coleslaw £0.99

Dessert Doughnut

Caramel Lace £1.49
Ferrero £1.49
Oreo £1.49
Strawberry Sprinkle £1.49
Triple Choc £1.49


 Tango Ice Blast £3.99
 Coca-Cola Original Taste £2.49
Coke Bottle £2.49
Coke (Bottle) £2.49
Diet Coke Bottle £2.49
J20 Apple & Mango £2.49
 Oasis Summer Fruits £2.49
 Oasis Citrus Punch £2.49
Appletiser (Drinks) £2.49
Appletiser £2.49
 7UP Regular 500ml £1.99
 Tango Orange 500ml £1.99
Rubicon Mango (330ml) £1.49
Rubicon Passion (330ml) £1.49
 Pepsi 330ml £1.49
Rio (330ml) £1.49
Tango Orange 330ml £1.49
Volvic Water (500ml) £1.49
7UP Sugar-Free 330ml £1.49
 Pepsi Max 330ml £1.49
Simply Fruity Blackcurrant (330ml) £1.49
Simply Fruity Orange (330ml) £1.49


Chilli Dip £0.59
Garlic Dip £0.59
Peri Salt £0.59
ketchup £0.25
Mayonnaise £0.25

The cost of chicken is likely to rise in the UK because of supply chain issues the UK’s largest supplier of poultry has advised.

Ronald Kers, the chief executive of 2 Sisters Food Group, stated that “food is too cheap” and that costs must rise to meet the demands that are faced by British companies.

Why do we have a shortage of wings from chicken?

The reason for the dearth and price increase of chicken wings can be found in the infamous “law of supply and demand as well as in the fundamental mathematics.

Chickens have only two wings. If these are eaten more than the other pieces they will result in wings that are not available and an increased quantity of other components of the bird, which could result in an increase in price for the sought-after item.

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