Brewers Fayre Menu Prices in the UK 2022💞

Brewers Fayre Menu Prices in the UK 2022👉The pub is a long-standing British establishment. In fact, it’s the most distinctive British gathering spot where the old and young, couples and singles, and all those who are legally drinking can meet. 

Without it, the world wouldn’t be able to enjoy British culture as we have it in the present!

Brewers Fayre Menu Prices in the UK

From the many pub brands available in the United Kingdom, one name is notable – Brewers Fayre. 

The pub chain offers a welcoming atmosphere for families that continues to draw the attention of patrons despite the apparent decline in the bear market.

Here are the most up-to-date Brewers Fayre menu prices.

Brewers Fayre Menu Prices in the UK 2022💞


Brewers Fayre Menu A Great Place to Start

Tomato Soup £3.09
Chicken Wings £4.79
Tempura Prawns £4.99
Chicken Liver & Pork Pâté £4.39
Combo Feast £9.29
Mature Cheddar & Sticky Onion Tart £4.59
Southern Chicken Goujons £4.99
Melting Brie Bites £4.99
Garlic & Herb Breaded Mushrooms £3.99
Prawn Cocktail £4.99
Crispy Potato Dippers £4.19
Smoked Haddock Fishcake £4.99

Brewers Fayre Menu The Brewers Burger Collection

The Ultimate £10.99
The Cheesy Chick £10.49
The Cluck ‘n’ Ale £10.49
The Bhaji Burger £9.99
The Mighty £10.79

Brewers Fayre Menu A Bit Different

Burrito Bowl Salad £9.29
Beef & Pork Lasagne £9.59
Coronation Chicken Salad £9.29
Three Cheese Quiche £9.49
Spicy Asian Style Noodles £9.29
Sweet Potato & Feta Lasagne £9.59
Chicken & Pesto Pie £10.49
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad £8.79

Brewers Fayre Menu Can’t Beat The Classics

Smoky Paprika Chicken £9.99
Ultimate Filled Yorkshire Sausage & Mash £9.59
Chicken Tikka Curry £9.29
Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank £11.99
Chicken Garlic Chicken £9.99
Smothered Chicken £9.79
Mexican Beef Chilli £9.19
Beef & Doom Bar® Pudding £10.79
Grilled Gammon Steak £9.19
Sausage, Egg & Chips £7.49

Brewers Fayre Menu Go Fish

Hand-Battered Giant Atlantic Haddock & Chips £9.99
Fish Pie £9.79
Fish & Chips £8.49
Salmon & Prawn Rigatoni Pasta £9.59
Breaded Wholetail Scampi £8.99
Smoked Haddock Fishcakes £9.59
Baked Salmon £9.99

Brewers Fayre Menu Glorious Grills

All our steaks are aged for a minimum of 21 days to make sure they’re extra tender and full of flavor. All our steaks other than the Ranch come with chips, onion rings, garden peas, and half a grilled tomato.

Rib-Eye Steak (14 oz.) £16.99
Mixed Grill £13.29
Half Roast Chicken & Chips £10.29
Chicken & Rib Combo £13.99
Sirloin Steak (8 oz.) £14.29
Ranch Steak (6 oz.) £10.99
Full Rack of Ribs £12.99
Rump Steak (8 oz.) £11.99
Tandoori Mixed Grill £14.29

Brewers Fayre Menu House Favourite Burgers

Flavor-packed and freshly prepared, our beef and chicken burgers come served in a toasted sesame seed bun with chips and coleslaw…

The Black & Blue £10.99
The South Western £9.69
The New Yorker £10.29
Vegan Burger £9.59
Beef, Mushroom & Cheese Burger £9.99

Brewers Fayre Menu Add Extras to Your Burger

Beef Burger £1.59
Chicken Burger £1.59
Cheese & Bacon £1.59
Grilled Halloumi £1.59

Brewers Fayre Menu Snacks

Monday to Friday 12 noon – 6 pm

Choose from white or brown bloomer bread. All our sandwiches come served with crispy potato dippers.

Fish Goujon Sandwich £6.19
Prawn Sandwich £6.19
Spicy Chicken Strip Sandwich £6.19
Ham & Cheese Sandwich £6.19

Brewers Fayre Menu Pick Your Sides

Battered Onion Rings £2.29
Coleslaw £1.69
Sweet Potato Fries (Upgrade Your Chips) £0.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese £2.79
Medley of Green Vegetables £2.49
Mozzarella Sticks £2.99
Cheese Jalapeño Poppers (5 Pc.) £2.99
Mixed Side Salad £2.59
Bowl of Chips £2.29
Extra Feast £3.99
Mac n Cheese Bites £2.99

Brewers Fayre Menu Puds!

Belgian Waffle £3.99
Lemon Meringue Pie £4.59
Dirty Mud Pie £4.59
Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt £3.69
Mini Pudding & Hot Drink £3.99
Salted Toffee Apple Crumble £4.69
Gin & Tonic Trifle £4.99
Caramel Apple Betty £3.99
Trio of Puddings £4.99
Black Forest Ice Cream Sundae £4.99
Salted Caramel, Brownie & Popcorn Sundae £4.99
Profiteroles £3.99
Warm Chocolate Brownie £3.99
Summer Berry Cheesecake £4.49
Sharing Fondue £7.99
Ice Cream £2.89
Piña Colada Sundae £4.99
Choc-a-block Cadbury™ Sundae £4.99

Brewers Fayre Menu History 2022

Brewers Fayre started as The Farmer Arms in Preston. It was established at Preston the year 1979. Within the following fifteen years, the one location expanded into pub chains with more than 280 locations. 

But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses The chain was not without plenty of issues like the demise and launch of the sister brand of several as well as the change in the ownership.

The Brewers Fayre chain as we are aware of it today comprises around 130 licensed pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom. Whitbread is the current owner.

What They’re Known For

Brewers Fayre is known for its tasty and varied selection of traditional British bar food and drinks. 

Prices are usually reasonable and the environment is welcoming to families and a mix of factors that have contributed to its long-lasting popularity in the bar industry.

Why Eat Here

One of the great things regarding this Brewers Fayre is its easy access – the pubs are usually located in areas that are characterized by large foot traffic or highly populated areas, so they are the kind of places you’ll want to frequent frequently. 

You can simply walk into the pub and take in the warm and friendly atmosphere there are no reservations required and no worries about where to sit.

Make your order on the counter, and then sip an alcoholic pint while waiting for your food or head to your table, then sit back and wait for your food to be served by servers. 

Inquire of the servers for additional food and drinks, or ask for their help and take pleasure in the warm prompt, and efficient service as well.

The entire Brewers Fayre pub-and-restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere that will place you and your party relaxed. 

The relaxed atmosphere is due to the soft ambient music in the background, the cool temperatures, and the excellent lighting.

The overall atmosphere of each Brewers Fayre pub is a traditional English pub, evidently. The typical decor is an emphasis on warm and contrasting colors, the mix of stonework and wooden paneling, and stained glass. 

Lampposts in a Victorian style are common as well, particularly in the bar’s parking areas and many historic locations are identified by their unique names, which are usually based on the building’s previous usage (e.g., Pirnhall Inn for the Brewers Fayre outside of Stirling) and newer ones are known simply by the name of Brewers Fayre.

Contrary to the traditional British pub, However, Brewers Fayre has kid-friendly and fully supervised Dennis the Menace-themed play spaces. 

Each play area is equipped with an impressive treehouse, as well as the toddler’s zone along with staff members who oversee everyday activities between Monday and Friday. There are rates and times that apply.

Are you looking to throw an occasion for your child’s birthday in the pub? Join us at Brewers Fayre and enjoy them at The Den, a large location for birthday parties and other events. 

Imagine the events as adults having fun at the bar while the kids are enjoying themselves in the same location but in a different room.

The food and drinks are at the top of the list of reasons for visiting your local Brewers Fayre on the regular every day! The majority of the traditional British pub menu is served in this establishment, from appetizers to desserts and drinks.

The most popular products are the buttermilk chicken cheddar nachos (tortilla chips that are topped with cheese sauce goujons made of buttermilk chicken, as well as chili salsa) and buffalo goujons that are inspired by the Deep South with a hot sauce coating as well as the blue cheese dip. 

The dishes include The Sloppy Joe Burger (60-ounce hamburger featuring cheddar cheese as well as spicy beef chili and cheese sauce as a topping);

The Brewers Cobb Salad (grilled chicken breasts bacon, cooked egg along with Stilton cheese, ranch and bacon dressing) The chicken ‘n’ bacon waffles (crisp waffles and buttermilk chicken goujons and smoked bacon, with maple syrup as a topping).

The sides could be food, as well in the event that you’re looking to trim your waistline. You can choose from smothered fried bacon and chicken bites, as well as mac and cheese bites. 

The desserts are so delicious that you might want to devour the first one to savor them.

Toffee apple waffles (sweet waffles topped with sticky salted apples and cookie dough Ice cream) and Oreo Sundae (cookie dough frozen ice cream made with crushed Oreo cookies with chocolate sauce and whip cream).

Check out the menu and discover plenty of other tasty dishes, including onion tarts, tomato soup as well as prawn cocktails tempura prawns, fishcakes Brie bites, and burritos bowl salad sweet lasagna with feta and potato quiche spicy Asian-style noodles as well as a chicken and chorizo pie.

There are also slow-cooked lamb shanks as well as chicken garlic pie, beef and stout, and grilled gammon meat.

Make sure to select drinks from the menu! This is a British pub in all likelihood, and the ales, beers, and wines are flowing.

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